On Shipping

  1. Shipping is like forming a habit: if you don’t do it often enough, you will not get better at it. This is key.
  2. And like any habit, you learn by doing. The more you ship, the more comfortable you will be to ship early.
  3. There‚Äôs always more to do to get it right. If you ship it only when it’s “ready”, it is probably too late.
  4. Shipping too late means you get less shots hitting the goal. Know your target but be flexible on the way there. Make enough “stops” so you can slightly change direction when needed.
  5. In other words, you should do iterative roofshots sighting off the moon (coordination headwind, slide 162).
  6. Remember that fast gets good before good gets fast (Des Traynor) and if you’re not uncomfortable with how fast you’re going, you’re not going fast enough (also Des Traynor).
  7. “The hallmark of a well-run development engine is a development cadence that is brisk in bringing new products to market without burning out its builders.” (Development Cadence by Megan Quinn).
  8. Same as forming a habit, there is no better way than having a routine you don’t break. Ship every X days, no matter what.
  9. Consistently reduce and cut scope, re-prioritize in order to ship faster and sooner.
  10. Force yourself to focus on what’s really important to the user and business and say no to the rest of the things.