On Managing Time

  1. Say “No” or “Not now” more often.
  2. Write down (or at least have an idea of) the top 3 things you want to get done today.
  3. Free up time to get those things done. I put “focus time” on my calendar in most mornings and don’t accept meetings (auto decline) unless I decide to prioritize them.
  4. Time is always prioritized, the question is whether you control the prioritization or others control it for you.
  5. The calendar should reflect your prioritization.
  6. Review next week’s calendar ahead of time at least once and prioritize it according to your needs.
  7. Free up your mind. Don’t try to remember. Write down everything.
  8. Find a process to get things done that works for you.
    1. Every task I need to get done will go to my backlog (a simple list of tasks).
    2. Medium and Large size tasks that I prioritize get to my calendar (specific day and time), usually in my focus time.
    3. Small size tasks get done whenever I review my tasks backlog and emails (usually every day, focus time or between meetings).
    4. For follow ups and monitoring, I use the Snooze option a lot.
  9. Whenever I must remember to do something in a specific day or time, I put it on my calendar and mark it in red.
  10. Chat/messages/notifications should be turned off by default. Open only when you want to see or reply to messages. Otherwise it’s a distraction – especially in focus time.