Books on User Voice Interfaces

Recently I read a few books on user voice interfaces (VUIs), mainly to learn as much as I can on designing VUI and its challenges.

  1. Designing Voice User Interfaces
    Probably the best and most practical book I read on VUI. The book covers different aspects of VUI, principles, and best practices.
  2. Voice User Interface Design
    Although it’s a pretty old book (2004), it covers a lot of topics from design, development, and problems in VUI. It’s amazing that so many old questions and problems the authors faced with more than 10 years ago – are still relevant today.
  3. Wired for Speech
    Focuses primarily on issues in psychology and problem related to voice (e.g. female voice vs. male voice), important not only when designing VUI but also if you want to learn about voice (TTS for example) in general.

In addition to books that focus on voice interface, I started reading Paul Grice’s “Studies in the Way of Words“, an eye-opening book on language.