Airbnb Q4 2022 results

Thoughts and insights from Airbnb’s great Q4 2022 results (transcript):

  1. Three strategic priorities: (1) make hosting mainstream, (2) perfecting the core service, (3) expanding beyond the core. While it covers a lot, it’s great to see a company that is able to clearly to communicate the main bets in such a way. Especially being able to list 3 bets, not 10.
  2. Supply & Demand: “the name of the game is pointing demand to where we have available supply”. One example for this product strategy is the new categories feature Airbnb launched a year ago. This way, when guests land on the site, Airbnb emphasizes places where there is supply. Win-win for everyone.
  3. Organic growth of hosts: 36% of the new available hosts started out as guests in Airbnb, and this number is going up year-over-year. That’s impressive. Brian mentions the network effect as “guest becomes host and host becomes guest”. The more guests they have, the more hosts, and the more guests.
  4. Brian was asked about competitors’ loyalty programs. Brian’s answer: “The best loyalty program is building a product people love so much they want to come back”.
  5. Throughout the call, I loved their focus and obsession on the customer.